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JCG Midwest is the "One-Stop-Shop" for ALL your drainage needs!

JCG Midwest is a drainage water management supply company located in Moweaqua, Illinois.  We inventory a wide variety of products, offer exceptional service, and have a very knowledgeable staff to meet all your drainage needs!


Whether you're needing single-wall or dual-wall, small diameter or large diameter, you'll find what you need in our large plastic pipe inventory.


We carry a large inventory of aluminum, aluminized, and galvanized metal pipe.  Utilize our in-house engineering and fabrication services to customize your drainage solution!

Senior Architect

We stock a wide variety of single-wall and dual-wall fittings including couplers, tees, wyes, elbows, animal guards, bar guards, and more!

"Taking pride in supporting the needs of our customers!"

We are always happy to help find a solution to your drainage needs.  If there's a solution, we can help you find it!